Machine catalog:
View all our standard products and information about them.
Special-purpose machines:
Referring to any non-standard machine, special-purpose machines are developed for customers according to their needs.
Automatic feeders:
Feeders automatically distribute parts to a machine to allow it to become autonomous.
Protection & safety:
The new standards stipulate that all industries should have streamlined and safe machines.
If you have a tight budget, it is often possible to retrofit your old machine to bring it up-to-date!

Retrofit your machines!

In certain cases it is not always necessary to buy a new machine.
If you have machines that no longer meet your expectations in terms of quality, speed, safety or even appearance, we can retrofit them at a lower cost.
This approach is also good for the environment as it reduces waste.

- Removal and/or addition of a substation
- Replacement of motors
- Automatic load
- Removal of pneumatic parts and replacement with electric parts
- Adaptation of electrical switchboards to new standards
- Improvement of speed
- Increased process reliability
- Output control
- Sorting of parts by default
- Safety components
- Cowling
- Reduction of noise pollution
- Modernization of the general appearance

These are just some of the possibilities available and reasons for choosing this option.

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