Machine catalog:
View all our standard products and information about them.
Special-purpose machines:
Referring to any non-standard machine, special-purpose machines are developed for customers according to their needs.
Automatic feeders:
Feeders automatically distribute parts to a machine to allow it to become autonomous.
Protection & safety:
The new standards stipulate that all industries should have streamlined and safe machines.
If you have a tight budget, it is often possible to retrofit your old machine to bring it up-to-date!

Special-purpose machines

In industry and in particular in the fields of micromechanics or high precision it is rare to find standard machines suited to the desired function, size and requirements.
In this case, there is no other choice but to develop a special-purpose machine, 100% adapted to your requirements and needs.

Lemtronic can produce your special-purpose machine whatever your business, application and requirements.
We also offer retrofits to upgrade your existing machines, give them extra functions and boost their productivity.

Why choose Lemtronic?

- You have direct contact with us; there is no intermediary.
- We can produce your machine from A to Z.
- We will carry out an initial study and make a prototype if needed.
- We assemble your machine and develop it in our workshop under actual production conditions.
- We have a complete mechanical workshop that we can mobilize rapidly.
- We install your machine on your site.
- We train your personnel.
- We provide spare parts and maintenance.

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