Machine catalog:
View all our standard products and information about them.
Special-purpose machines:
Referring to any non-standard machine, special-purpose machines are developed for customers according to their needs.
Automatic feeders:
Feeders automatically distribute parts to a machine to allow it to become autonomous.
Protection & safety:
The new standards stipulate that all industries should have streamlined and safe machines.
If you have a tight budget, it is often possible to retrofit your old machine to bring it up-to-date!

Automatic feeder & distributor

The feeder is the Swiss knife machines! Its function is to supply parts to the different substations of a machine automatically, continuously and in a manner adapted to its speed, thus making it completely autonomous.
The parts are placed in bulk in a feed bowl or hopper and the filler separates, directs and distributes them to the different stations.
A feeder can adapt to almost any type of part, whatever its shape, size and material.

Most small parts can be fed by our standard IMO3 or IMO6 feeder available in our lemtronicstore.

Specially-developed feeders are needed for others parts.
Vibratory bowl feeders, vibration linear feeders and other vibration systems, optical solutions, camera inspection, loading wheels, guidance systems, feed conveyors, storage magazines, etc. are some of the solutions we use to satisfy your needs, both technically and financially.

Technical specifications:

- Type of part: all types
- Speed: from 40 to 1000 parts per minute (according to the type of part and the action carried out)
- Touchscreen control
- Independent adjustment of different modules
- Production programming
- Recording of receipts
- Export of production statistics
- Visual inspection via camera

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